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Reed T. Searle Reed T. Searle
Senior Vice President Business Development

Reed Searle has spent most of his professional life in Utah.  In 2007, Mr. Searle was appointed to the BCH executive management team, and has since led the firm in regional development and transmission matters.

From l989 through 2007, Mr. Searle served as General Manager of the Intermountain Power Agency. IPA owns a 1950 megawatt IPP coal fired electric generating station in southwestern Utah, supplying electricity to municipal utilities in Utah and California.

During 1987 and 1988, Reed served as Chief of Staff for Utah Governor Norman H Bangerter.  As Chief of Staff, Mr. Searle supervised all departmental directors in the Utah state government and served as the Governor's Senior Policy Advisor.  Mr. Searle also supervised the republican Governor's successful 1988 re-election campaign.

Over a period of six years, Reed served democratic Governor Scott Matteson as Executive Director of the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development. Mr. Searle was the Inaugural Director of the Utah Energy Office, and served as Chairman of the Utah Energy Development and Conservation Council.  Reed Searle simultaneously served as Utah's representative to the Four Corners Regional Commission.

Mr. Searle has acted as a government relations and lobbying consultant to AT&T, Geneva Steel, Intermountain Health Care, the Utah Medical Association, 3M, US West, the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah, the American Cancer Society, and numerous others.

Mr. Searle served for three years as Chairman of the Utah Housing Finance Agency, and for eight years as a member of the University of Utah Board of Trustees. Mr. Searle served three years as a member of the Institutional Council of the Salt Lake Community College, and for nine years as a Director of the Fidelity Trust Bank of Boston.

Currently, Reed Searle is a member is the Valley Mental Health Board, a member of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Committee, a board member of the Utah Museum of Art and History, and a Director of First Electronic Bank.

Mr. Searle received an MA in public administration, with emphasis on finance, from Brigham Young University in l973.  Reed also attended the University of Utah, and received a certificate in international relations and a BA in political science during l971.

Mr. Searle and his family live in South Jordan, Utah.