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Leading the West in New Nuclear Power


Blue Castle Holdings (BCH) is an energy infrastructure development company based in Utah.  It is presently developing the leading new nuclear plant project site in the Western U.S.  The BCH business mission is to select, acquire, enhance, and license plant sites which are uniquely well suited for the deployment of new nuclear power generation.


The recent political, social and resource demands imposed on the U.S. power markets, have resulted in additional risk and uncertainties for electric utilities. BCH's strategy has effectively mitigated and significantly reduced the risks of developing new generating resources by assembling the required assets to initiate the licensing of a site well suited for the deployment of a new nuclear power production facility. This increases regulatory reliability and financial predictability, while reducing the time needed to deploy new base load and cost competitive generating resources.


BCH's site selection criteria include energy market access, available transmission capacity and new corridors, water resources availability, appropriate physical and geological site characteristics, supportive local and regional communities, and attractive overall site realization potential.


We advantageously use the first few years of plant development, which are typically difficult for regulated utilities to conduct efficiently, to rapidly advance critical steps in the siting, licensing and financial planning of nuclear power stations. BCH's expert management sequentially selects optimum steps and provides project execution with all the necessary components for successful completion, from project justification through receipt of a Construction and Operating License (COL) from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).


The need for the Blue Castle Project stems from fundamental changes in the Western U.S. electric retail and wholesale power markets. The two primary conditions that have changed are a supply side shift (due to increasingly stringent environmental regulation)  and demand side growth. This has led to significant uncertainty for utilities acquiring new base load electric generation to meet the needs of electricity consumers. The licensing of a site by BCH for the deployment of a new nuclear power production facility provides security for new base load resources and reduces development risk for electric utilities and wholesale marketers.