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Official press releases of Blue Castle Holdings

11-30-2017 Nuclear Plant Developer Reveals Cheap Global Electricity for Cryptocurrency Miners
11-21-2016 Blue Castle New Nuclear Power Project Announces Webinar for Western U.S. Utilities on Pricing and Equity Participation Options
7-22-2016 Appeals Court Reaffirms Water Use at Blue Castle Nuclear Project
7-6-2016 Blue Castle Project Begins Selection Process For New Nuclear Power Plant Construction Contractors
6-3-2015 Blue Castle Holdings President & CEO Speaks at Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners
8-20-2014 Westinghouse, Blue Castle Working to Bring Benefits of AP1000 Plant Technology to Western U.S.
3-18-2014 Utah Legislation Ensures Access to New Transmission Capacity Solicitation for Nuclear and Renewables
12-2-2013 Court Approves Water Use at Blue Castle Nuclear Project
10-24-2013 New Seismic Monitoring Capability Operational at Blue Castle Nuclear Project Site
6-17-2013 Comprehensive Study on the Economic Value of Nuclear Power and Natural Gas to be Presented at 2013 ANS Annual Meeting
3-7-2013 Utah PSC States IRP Must Consider Nuclear
2-15-2013 Seismic Analysis of Blue Castle Site Presented at Utah Geologic Survey Meeting in SLC
11-6-2012 Blue Castle COO Presents at Nuclear Construction Summit
2-29-2012 State Engineer Reaffirms Water Use At Proposed Blue Castle Nuclear Project, Cites Financial Ability
2-10-2012 Blue Castle Nuclear Project Says NRC License for Georgia Reactors Shows Predictability and New Jobs
1-27-2012 Blue Castle Holdings Responds To Newspaper's Inaccuracies Regarding Blue Castle Nuclear Project Finances
1-20-2012 State of Utah Approves Use of Water Rights for Blue Castle Nuclear Plant Project
11-1-2011 Blue Castle Nuclear Project Status Presented at Nuclear Construction Summit
8-19-2011 Blue Castle Nuclear Project Closer To Filing Licensing Application
6-23-2011 Blue Castle President and CEO Speaks At Special Summit On New Nuclear Energy
5-19-2011 Blue Castle Holdings Provides Expert Testimony to Legislative Committee
12-21-2010 Blue Castle Acquires Willow Creek
3-22-2010 Utah Governor Signs Bill Providing Nuclear Power Tax Credit
1-13-2010 Blue Castle Nuclear Project Provides Conclusive Expert Testimony for Water Hearing
10-5-2009 Blue Castle Holdings and Page Electric Utility sign New Nuclear Power Project MOU
9-28-2009 Transition Power Consolidates Development Activity Into Blue Castle Holdings Inc.
8-20-2009 Transition Power Awards New Nuclear Plant Licensing Contract To Enercon for Utah Site
6-2-2009 Gateway South Transmission Project Close to TPD Site
5-28-2009 Emery County Officials Resolve To Pursue Nuclear Power
5-11-2009 SITLA To Receive $2 Million From Proceeds Of Land Sale
3-24-2009 Nuclear Power In Alternative Energy Tax Rebate Bill
3-12-2009 Utah Legislature Passes Resolution Supporting Nuclear Power Development
3-4-2009 Utah Senate Passes Resolution Supporting Nuclear Power Development
2-25-2009 City of Green River Passes Resolution Supporting Nuclear Energy
2-6-2009 TPD Signs Escrow Agreement On Preferred Site In Green River, Utah
12-15-2008 Emery County Changes Zoning On Possible Nuclear Site
6-14-2008 Nuclear Power Early Site Permits Show Regulatory Reliability
3-4-2008 Poll Shows Utahns Favor Nuclear Power
1-30-2008 TPD Notifies NRC of License Application Plan
12-30-2007 TPD Press Release San Juan County water lease signed for 24,000 AC FT
11-21-2007 Possible Nuclear Site Suitable According To Evaluation
10-29-2007 EnergyPath Partner In Transition Power Development LLC.
10-18-2007 Diaz Testifies Before Utah Joint Committee
9-19-2007 Kane County Signs Water Lease Signed
9-1-2007 Former NRC Chairman Diaz Joins TPD


News about Blue Castle Project or nuclear power

9-2-2019 Second APR-1400 unit starts commercial operation World Nuclear News
8-30-2019 US Department of Energy 'all in' on new nuclear, says deputy secretary World Nuclear News
8-29-2019 WNA Report: Global nuclear energy capacity rises for sixth straight year Power Engineering
8-29-2019 Policymakers must drive nuclear further, report says World Nuclear News
8-8-2019 Sixth Yangjiang unit enters commercial operation World Nuclear News
6-22-2018 Chinese AP1000s pass commissioning milestones World Nuclear News
4-24-2018 Vogtle Timeline Update - 1Q 2018 Georgia Power
3-14-2018 Could nuclear power be a solution to Utah's big problems? Deseret News
1-2-2018 Reclaiming America's Leadership in Nuclear Power Investor's Business Daily Commentary
11-30-2017 Nuclear Plant Developer Reveals Cheap Global Electricity for Cryptocurrency Miners Markets Insider
7-26-2017 UAE is 'role model' for peaceful nuclear power says energy chief The National
7-24-2017 Three Chinese reactors approach commissioning World Nuclear News
6-30-2017 Work begins on 3rd, 4th nuclear reactors at Kudankulam The Hindu
6-29-2017 Trump Puts Nuclear First on America's Energy Agenda Nuclear Energy Institute
6-28-2017 Nuclear construction reaches 25-year high World Nuclear News
6-22-2017 House passes nuclear production tax credit legislation Electric Power and Light / POWERGRID International
4-12-2017 Nuke plant unaffected by Westinghouse bankruptcy The Daily Sentinel
4-4-2017 The Evolving Model for Building and Operating Nuclear Plants Nuclear Energy Institute
1-24-2017 Update on the Nuclear Power Plant for Green River Emery County Progress
1-23-2017 UAE's first nuclear power plant could begin operating in May The National
12-28-2016 NCR issues licenses to Duke Energy for new South Carolina plant Daily Energy Insider
12-4-2016 Illinois Sees The Light - Retains Nuclear Power Forbes
10-19-2016 Watts Bar becomes America's first new nuclear reactor of the 21st century Times Free Press
10-19-2016 Clinton, Trump Both Support Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy Institute
9-15-2016 U.K. Approves Hinkley Point Nuclear Project With EDF The Wall Street Journal
9-5-2016 Nuclear Electricity's Bright Future Forbes
7-24-2016 Appellate court upholds water rights diversion for planned nuclear power plant KSL
7-21-2016 Appellate court upholds water rights diversion for planned nuclear power plant Deseret News
7-3-2016 Short-term costs of Palo Verde power are worth it Albuquerque Journal
6-28-2016 Westinghouse Leverages Global Experience for Construction Certainty at Vogtle Project Site Westinghouse Electric Company
6-28-2016 Georgia Power makes progress on Vogtle nuclear plant expansion SNL
6-14-2016 Nuclear power 'far from dead' as U.S. sees startup of first reactor in 20 years MarketWatch
6-6-2016 Grid Connection for Watts Bar 1
3-24-2016 China Literally Doubles Down On Nuclear Power The Daily Caller
3-2-2016 Kentucky Senate approves nuclear power bill The Lane Report
2-25-2016 TransCanada's chief sees key role for nuclear power Houston Chronicle
2-24-2016 U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry Strengthens Safety with Learnings from Fukushima Nuclear Energy Institute
2-17-2016 UAE Close to Produce 25% of its Electricity Using Nuclear Power Asharq Al-Awsat
11-13-2015 Highs and Lows in the N American Nuclear Industry Power Engineering
10-21-2015 PNM offers good deal on power plant [includes more nuclear] Albuquerque Journal
10-21-2015 China agrees to invest in new UK nuclear plants World Nuclear News
8-13-2015 U.S. Nuclear Plants Show Near-Record June Performance Nuclear Energy Institute
7-29-2015 Renewed Interest in Nuclear Power American Spectator
7-7-2015 What About Nuclear Power Isn't Good? Forbes
6-25-2015 Broad and Deep Support for Nuclear Energy and the Nearby Plant Continues Bisconti Research, Inc.
6-22-2015 States look to act on nuclear power The Hill
6-22-2015 Reactor vessel cavity installed at Vogtle 4 World Nuclear News
2-11-2015 EROI - A Tool To Predict The Best Energy Mix Forbes
1-16-2015 The EPA's 'Carbon Rule' ignores nuclear power Standard Examiner
1-9-2015 NEWBUILD: Blue Castle, Twin Buttes Work on Nuclear Plans Nuclear Intelligence Weekly
11-5-2014 Westinghouse CEO expects nuclear power to grow in energy-hungry U.S. TribLIVE
8-28-2014 Want to fight climate change? Build more nuclear power. The Christian Science Monitor
8-20-2014 In Idaho, Energy Secretary Pushes for Nuclear Power The Salt Lake Tribune
7-24-2014 Proposed U.S. nuclear power reactors Reuters
6-6-2014 The surprising winner of the EPA's power plant rules The Washington Examiner
5-5-2014 China Starts 19th Nuclear Power Reactor Amid Construction Push Bloomberg News
5-4-2014 Cancer And Death by Radiation? Not From Fukushima Forbes
4-3-2014 Building New Nuclear Power in U.S. Wall Street Journal.LIVE
3-16-2014 Radioactive Fukushima Waters Arrive At West Coast Of America Forbes
3-9-2014 Nuclear Energy Rising At The Expense of Renewable Power Forbes
3-4-2014 Safety Perspectives by a Regulator Tampa Bay Times
11-27-2013 Memorandum Decision Seventh Judicial District Court
11-27-2013 Judge upholds state engineer's decision on nuclear power plant water Deseret News
11-10-2013 Nuclear power can save America from an 'energy cliff' CNN
11-5-2013 Climate scientists say it is time to go 'nuclear'; letter stirs debate in Utah Deseret News
11-3-2013 Experts say nuclear power needed to slow warming The Salt Lake Tribune
10-1-2013 Nuclear Power Documentary "Pandora's Promise" to air November 7th @ 9:00 PM (ET) CNN Films
8-7-2013 SCE&G says new reactors are below estimates Associated Press
8-3-2013 Herbert throws support behind small, modular reactor plan The Salt Lake Tribune
6-14-2013 A Rebel Filmmaker Tilts Conservative The New York Times
6-4-2013 Installation of Vogtle 3 containment starts World Nuclear News
5-22-2013 Going Green? Then Go Nuclear Wall Street Journal
4-2-2013 Will Low Natural Gas Prices Eliminate the Nuclear Option in the US? EnergyPath Corporation
4-1-2013 Do Nuclear Power Plants Cause Cancer? Forbes
3-11-2013 Westinghouse President and CEO Statement on First Concrete Pour at V.C. Summer Nuclear Station PRWeb
3-1-2013 Letter from Utah Public Service Commission Chairman Stating IRP Must Consider Nuclear Utah Public Service Commission
1-22-2013 My view: Utah nuclear power risks no big deal Deseret News
11-20-2012 Brazil on cusp of US$6.5bn nuclear expansion - Brazil Business News Americas
10-30-2012 Hitachi Buys U.K. Nuclear Power Venture for $1.1 Billion Bloomberg
9-28-2012 The Nuclear Renaissance Is Back, Industry Panel Says Forbes
9-10-2012 What Plant Vogtle means for Georgia The Augusta Chronicle
7-26-2012 Nuclear expansion in Asia on track despite Fukushima - report Reuters
5-23-2012 Gov. Bev Perdue calls for more nuclear businesses in N.C. Charlotte Business Journal
5-10-2012 Georgia Power says new reactors will be cheaper, but electricity will be delayed The Florida Times Union
4-19-2012 Nuclear Energy Must Be Part Of The National Mix
4-3-2012 Nuclear power answer to clean energy Standard-Examiner
3-30-2012 Regulators Approve Construction of Nuclear Reactors in South Carolina The Hill
3-26-2012 Americans Still Favor Nuclear Power A Year after Fukushima Gallup
3-20-2012 Oglethorpe Power Defends Nuclear Decision Despite Low Gas Prices Platts
3-7-2012 Blue Castle: A New Kind Of Nuclear New-Build Nuclear Engineering International
2-21-2012 US Committed To Nuclear, Chu Tells Vogtle Workers World Nuclear News
2-13-2012 New Nuclear Plants Signal Future Power Generation Deseret News Editorial
1-20-2012 Press Release - Utah State Engineer Approves Water for Nuclear Power Plant State of Utah Department of Natural Resources
1-20-2012 Water Rights Approved For Proposed Utah Nuke Plant Associated Press
10-27-2011 NRC Holds Hearing on Utah's Proposed Nuclear Power Plant Deseret News
7-19-2011 Economic Benefits, Cons Of Nuclear Energy Explored Deseret News
5-9-2011 U.K. Should Build More Nuclear Less Offshore Wind Power (Bloomberg)
3-30-2011 It Can't Happen Here (National Review Online)
3-18-2011 Governor Herberts Energy Plan Includes Nuclear (Deseret News)
3-17-2011 Nils Diaz Comments On Obama Ordered Review of U.S. Nuclear Power Plant (Fox News)
3-15-2011 Nuclear Bad News Can't Replace Rational Analysis: Commentary by Nils J. Diaz (Bloomberg Government)
3-14-2011 Nils J. Diaz, CSO For Blue Castle Holdings Interviewed On CNN (CNN)
3-11-2011 Utahns Have Nuclear Reactor In Thier Own Backyard (Video) KSL News
2-8-2011 Proposed Nuclear Power Plant's Use Of Water Debated (Deseret News)
1-27-2011 Herbert Opens Discussion on Nuclear Power (Salt Lake Tribune)
11-18-2010 Utah Going Nuclear? (ABC 4 Salt Lake City, UT)
11-15-2010 The Nuke Plant Next Door (CBS 8 News Las Vegas, NV)
11-8-2010 Arizona Utility Plans Partial Closure Of Power Plant (Associated Press)
10-14-2010 GE Hitachi Potential To Make Energy Out Of Used Nuclear Fuel (GE Hitachi Press Release)
10-7-2010 Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant Keeps Residents Cool (APS Press Release)
6-11-2010 Nuclear Street Editor Interviews Blue Castle Project CEO
6-8-2010 Utah Gov. Herbert Says Free Market Will Supply Clean Energy (Deseret News)
3-5-2010 Jump-Starting Nuclear Energy (LA Times Opinion)
1-21-2010 Build Nuke Plant In Emery County (Daily Herald Editorial)
11-2-2009 UK Nuclear Site Sale Prices Exceed Expectations (Industrial Info Resources)
10-5-2009 MSNBC reports Blue Castle and Page Electric Utility MOU (MSNBC)
8-12-2009 Florida Approves First Nuclear Power Plant In 33 Years (Environment News Service)
8-10-2009 Survey-84% Of Plant Neighbors Favor Nuclear Energy (Industrial Info Resources)
8-4-2009 Why Nuclear Power Is Part Of Our Future (Wall Street Journal)
7-20-2009 Energy Balance Needed (
6-23-2009 Bennett Calling For 100 New Nuclear Plants (Salt Lake Tribune)
6-18-2009 Utah State Water Officials Say Water Rights Won't Hinder Oil-Shale (Or Nuclear Power) Projects (Deseret News)
6-16-2009 Energy Secretary Sees Nuclear Power In America's Future Along With Utah's Gov-To-Be (Salt Lake Tribune)
6-10-2009 Bishop, Republicans Roll Out Energy Vision (Salt Lake Tribune)
5-27-2009 Key Senator Calls For 100 New Reactors in 20 Years (Associated Press)
5-13-2009 Commentary Let's Get Real About Alternative Energy (CNN)
5-7-2009 Coal-Fired Power Plants Writing On The Wall (The Economist)
4-29-2009 High Prices Force Out Bidders As UK Nuclear Site Prices Soar (Reuters)
4-9-2009 U.S. Should Add Nuclear Power To Energy Portfolio Salazar Says (Money Morning)
4-7-2009 Kane County Seeks To Give Up Water For Nuke Plant (Associated Press)
3-31-2009 U.S. Nuclear Power Sector to Rebound; Will Create New Profit Plays for Energy Investors (The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)
3-28-2009 Nuclear Power Industry Enjoys Revival 30 Years After Accident (Wall Street Journal)
3-11-2009 Chu - Nuclear Must Be Part Of Energy Mix (Associated Press)
3-10-2009 Lawmakers Sign Off On Pursuit Of Nuclear Power (Deseret News)
3-9-2009 Nuclear Power Potential Growth Engine For U.S. Economy (
3-4-2009 Senate Approves Resolution Supporting Nuclear Power (Deseret News)
2-25-2009 Utah State Going Nuclear School Picked For U.S. Energy Project (Standard Examiner)
1-19-2009 End of Nuclear Energy Bottleneck Will Power Enormous (
1-12-2009 The Blossoming of Nuclear Power (Barron's)
12-18-2008 Where Will Utah Find Power Supply (Utah Policy Daily)
12-1-2008 Nuclear Goes Green (River) (The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)
11-28-2008 Nuclear Plant On Horizon In Green River (The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)
11-28-2008 Bennett Says U.S. Needs To Get Serious About Nuclear Power (Deseret News)
11-10-2008 Investments In Nuclear Power (Wealth Daily)
7-19-2008 Utah Needs Energy Answers (Deseret News Editorial)
4-15-2008 Wind vs. Nukes You'd be blown away (The Baltimore Sun Bay)
3-3-2008 Utahn's Back Nuclear Power (Deseret News)
11-18-2007 In Our View Nuclear Power Has A Role To Play (The Daily Herald Editorial)
10-30-2007 Nuclear Plant in Works For Utah Coal Developer Joins Effort (Energy Prospects West)
10-30-2007 Call For Nuclear Plants Won't Make Much Difference In Utah Plans (Deseret News)
10-11-2007 Private Equity Group Considers Utah For Nuclear Plant Site (SNL Interactive)