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Nuclear power is gaining attention worldwide for its proven reliability, low operating cost, long life and environmental benefits. The following facts demonstrate the benefits of nuclear power as well as other benefits that are perhaps less well known.

Fact 1: Nuclear Power is a competitive source of base load electricity.


Product Costs

Nuclear Power is a competitive source of base load electricity, with high initial capital costs and low production costs during its 60 to 80 year lifetime. The initial capital costs are high due to the intrinsic safety and security built into the plant design. However, the low fuel and operation costs balance this initial cost and lead to a very competitive and predictable overall cost.


As shown to the right, nuclear power has the lowest production cost of any thermal base load generation option. Production costs are comprised of fuel and operations and maintenance costs. Since 2001, nuclear power plant costs have consistently been below the cost of its nearest competitor-coal-and far less than other available base load options.  In 2013, nuclear production costs were 2.3 cents per kilowatt-hour. Moreover, the production costs of nuclear-electrical generation are the most stable and provide desirable predictability to consumers. 

Next Fact 2: Nuclear power is safe and secure, and its operations protective of public health and safety.