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Thomas P. Retson Thomas P. Retson
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Retson spent 23 years with GE Nuclear Energy which provided the foundation for Mr. Retson's move later as founder of an energy focused consultancy supporting clients worldwide. Joining GE upon graduation from 
UW Madison with a BS degree in nuclear engineering, Tom completed multiyear engineering assignments before assuming progressively more responsible U.S., European and Asian nuclear fuel marketing and sales management positions, most recently as group executive for
GE Nuclear electric utility customers in the northeastern US.

Broad international nuclear market experience and strong technical capabilities have equipped 
Mr. Retson with a keen business focus. As U.S. electric markets began restructuring in recent years, this extensive industry background has allowed Tom to help numerous energy market clients with project management, business analysis, and strategic decision support.

In 2004, as part of the U.S. Department of Energy 2010 program, Mr. Retson formed and led a diverse team of technical, business, licensing, and financial experts in a comprehensive feasibility study of new nuclear generation in Texas.  Industry-financed, the resulting report has been applied as a principle input to ongoing new reactor development projects in Texas.

Tom Retson has similarly led global market analysis and business strategy development efforts for a number of nuclear plant, fuel technology, reactor services, and nuclear instrumentation firms. In a related area, Tom has been particularly active with international nuclear fuel technology development clients.

As cofounder and COO, Tom has actively led site and technology selection within Blue Castle Holdings since the project began.

Tom and his family make their home in Wilmington, North Carolina.