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Aaron J. Tilton Aaron J. Tilton
President and CEO

Mr. Tilton is President and CEO of Blue Castle Holdings. A cofounder of BCH, Mr. Tilton has overseen the acquisition and development of assets and guided political strategies for the company.

Prior to BCH, Aaron developed and negotiated equity positions and power purchase agreements with municipal and investor owned utilities throughout the Southwest. Mr. Tilton led these activities for two new coal fired projects in the region.

In parallel with these responsibilities, Mr. Tilton also advised a venture capital firm on state regulatory matters, particularly in the fields of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. In this role, Aaron called upon broad experience in the fields of pharmacy automation software development and internet communications.

Mr. Tilton is a former Utah State Representative, having originally been appointed to the seat by Governor Walker when it was prematurely vacated.  He was formally elected to the position in 2004, and again re-elected in 2006.

Aaron Tilton served on the:

    * House Public Utilities and Technology Committee (Vice Chair)
    * House Retirement and Independent Entities Committee (Vice Chair)
    * Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee
    * Interim Revenue and Taxation Committee
    * Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee

Mr. Tilton served as Vice Chair of the Board for Americans for American Energy.

In this role, Aaron Tilton has been active nationwide in advocating AAE positions on important energy policy matters. AAE supports the development and growth of all indigenous U.S. energy resources.

Aaron Tilton is a Utah native, and lives with his family in the Springville area.