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Nuclear power is gaining attention worldwide for its proven reliability, low operating cost, long life and environmental benefits. The following facts demonstrate the benefits of nuclear power as well as other benefits that are perhaps less well known.

Fact 2: Nuclear power is safe and secure, and its operations protective of public health and safety.

The following statement from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission-the federal regulatory entity that oversees the safety of the nuclear industry- reflects the reality about the safety of nucler power.

"Since commercial nuclear power plants began operating in the United States, there have been no physical injuries or fatalities from exposure to radiation from the plants among members of the U.S. public. Even the country's worst nuclear power plant accident at Three Mile Island resulted in no identifiable health impacts."
-U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (January 2009)

In fact, the U.S. nuclear industry has accumulated almost 3,400 reactor years of operation since the first plant started up in 1957 without serious injury or death to a single member of the public. The nuclear industry is one of the safest industries in the world.

On October 17, 2007, while testifying before the Interim Public Utilities and Technology Committee of the Utah State Legislature, Dr. Nils Diaz, a past Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and current Chief Strategic Officer of Blue Castle Holdings, answered a question concerning the safety of U.S. commercial nuclear power by stating "There has never been in the United States of America, never, including Three Mile Island, a release that has posed a hazard to the population of the United States."

It is a matter of public record that the safety and security of nuclear power plants is recognized as the best of the critical industry infrastructure. Furthermore, the environmental record of nuclear power plants, with essentially zero emissions and solid particle releases, is established as among the most environmentally benign electrical generation suppliers.

Next Fact 3: Nuclear power plants produce very small volumes of spent fuel. The spent fuel is actually partially used and contains significant amounts of usable energy and a small amount of radioactive waste.